Saturday, April 25, 2009


by Judy Waite

#of pages: 249
age range: 14 +

Elinor is luck, so lucky. At least that's what the other members of the true cause think. They are all blessed to be a part of the true cause, safe from the Outsiders, living only to work for Endtime. They have been chosen for a better life.

But for a long time now, fifteen year old Elinor hasn't felt so lucky. Sometimes she doesn't want to kneel for hours in the cold, listening to True Cause's founder, howard, pray. Sometimes she doesn't want to be one of Howards brides when she turns sixteen. And especially sometimes, she wants to know more about the green-eyed Outsider boy who seems to be following her.

Because there's something oddly familiar about him. Something that is making Elinor remember that there used to be more to her life that just true cause...

I honestly don't know if I can write a review about this book. Honestly. It is just so...weird. The whole book is about Elinor, who is pretty much being brainwashed into believing she is happy being half-starved, dressed in ratty clothes, living with a bunch of girls who magically disappear when they get sick, and never being able to interact with the Outside world.

Baned from any use of modern technology, or newspapers, Elinor is being taught to follow a "master" named Howard, who had fifteen wives. Elinor will become one of his wives at fifteen. But then she meets Jamie, who tries to get her to see a different light. And she is always torn.

Waite did an amazing job covering the whole brainwashed teen perspective but it was just so weird, i could barely stand to read it sometimes.

So read at your own risk.

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