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Losing Christina Collection/Trilogy (Fog, Snow, and Fire)

By: Caroline B. Cooney

Number of pages: 624

Age Range: 11-13

Mr. Shevvington, the handsome principal. Mrs. Shevvington, the dedicated teacher. Who better for Christina and Anya to board with while attending school on the mainland? But something evil is happening at the Shevvingtons' house.

In Fog, Anya slowly starts to lose her mind and Christina knows that the Shevvingtons are behind it. Can she stop them before they turn their attentions on her?

In Snow, the Shevvingtons brinng Dolly to live with them when they realize Christina is too strong for them to control. Sweet, trusting Dolly appears to be lost in a snowstorm, but Christina knows the truth. Dolly is lost inside the house, and that's much worse.

In Fire, the final book in the series, Christina finally finds the evidence she needs to expose the Shevvingtons. Can she do it before everything goes up in flames?

Y: Christina, as all the other children from the island, is really looking forward to finally going off to school on the mainland. How could you blame them, barely getting off a little island their whole life? Of course it looks better than it is. The kids from the mainland think that they are just "all that" and so much better than the island kids. Christina is strong though, and just deals with it.

Their is something up with the family they are staying with, too, the Shevvingtons. Mr. Shevvington is the principal of the school Christina is about to attend. I don't think that the family Christina is staying with should have had anything to do with the school system. It seems too planned out and therefore slightly cheesy.

The Shevvingtons are known as evil to some of the kids, and none of the adults. They somehow empty brilliant students of their confidence and personality. That was one of the things i liked about the book, Caroline Cooney made it seem like the Shevvingtons were doing this through some sort of fantasy, when really they were just messing with their minds.

Since this is a trilogy, some of the infrmation is repeated in each book to jog your memory. It's understandable, and expected, yes? Well in my opinion there was quite a lot of information repeated in every single book. I would find myself skimming, and then missing some important information.

The whole plot was very original, even though you knew what was going to happen a lot of the time. Everything was very vividly described. There was a sort of eerie feel to the whole thing, which is extremely different from the typical YA book.

If you enjoyed this book, or it sounds good to you, then you might enjoy the Blind Faith Hotel by Pamela Todd.

Song that went with the book:

Underwater by the Ballas Hough Band

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