Monday, April 27, 2009


by Rachel Maude

# of pages: 290
age range: 13+

Fueds. Dudes. Attidtudes. You're not wearing that, are you?

Four high school girls who all love fashion (but hate each other) are forced to work together to create a designer label for their exclusive LA private school. Can a cool coquette, shy punk, a getto-glam egomaniac, and a hippie goddess make peace for couture? Welcome to Winstion Prep - where wardrobe means war.

When I saw this book in Barns n Noble i was expecting a quick fluff read; i most definitely got it. Luckily I only spent a dollar on this book, because it most certainly wasn't worth 10$!!!

- which I thought was pronounced pah-sure - is about four girls, Jannie Farish a shy low esteem girl who likes to design clothes, Charlotte Beverwil a fake french teen who will easily squish you as soon as hug you, Melissa Moon an ego obsessed hip-hop princess, and finally Petra Greene a gorgeous druggie who really could care less about what she wears.

So you'd think the story would be in interchanging views of these girls, right? Yes...and no. You do see the different sides of the girls but you also see little blips of other minor characters lives, and see their problems and what not. This could be played out into a long connecting story web, but it's not. Instead all the different perspectives come off as messy and confusing. And honestly, fashion doesn't even come off as the main focus of the story!

Sure it was entertaining, but some parts were confusing, unrealistic, and the characters were way under developed. The series will continue, but it doesn't look promising. This book is fine for a quick read, but don't expect much. (don't waste 10$ on this novel!)

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