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Falling for Romeo

Falling for Romeo
by: Jennifer Laurens

# of pages: 208
age range: 13 +

John can have any girl he wants.
Jennifer's never been kissed
Everybody thinks he's perfect.
She's got issues with pride and jealousy.
They were best friends - once. Now, they're playing Romeo and Juliet. Virgin lips Jennifer must have her first kiss on the stage with John, they guy every girl in school wants. The pressure tension build along with each staged kiss. Both are shocked when feeling bloom.
Can either tell which kisses are real and which are for show?

This is you're typical teenage romance story. Young love, so sweet. Although this novel could easily become boring, Laurens somehow managed to keep the novel moving along, and interesting.

John's the straight A, athletic, gorgeous type, mega - popular, with major issues at home. Jennifer is the pretty girl who always owns the stage, every day family, and of course too good to kiss just any guy, even though guys want to kiss her. So of course theirs tension on the stage when John, getting the lead to be with Jen, realizes that Jen isn't liking the spotlight being turned on someone else. Especially the guy she kinda, sorta, would never admit it, likes.

The book was cute, I couldn't help falling in love with John and Jen, and watching their sweet and sour moments. They were the type of couple you just wanted to scream: "Kiss already, it's obvious you loooove each other!" So when of course they did get together - I'm not spoiling anything, you know this was going to happen - it was one of those "finally you idiots!" moments, but at the same type you were smiling.

So should you library it? Borrow? or Buy? My copy was bought, which only happened because the library didn't have it. I think you could do all three, borrow would be fine, Library is great if your library has it, and if you buy it...

$12.95 at Barns and Noble
$11. g5 at Amazon.
(btw, it's paperback)

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