Monday, May 18, 2009

A Girl Like Moi

A Girl Like Moi
By Lisa Barham

# 0f pages: 272
Age range: 12-14

A girl. A dream job.
A city full of possibilities...
Imogene is obsessed with fashion. Combine that with her talent for trouble (aka maxing out her "emergencies only" AmEx) and suddenly she's not going to chere Paris with her best friend for the summer. No, she must do the unthinkable for a stylish Greenwich girl such as herself -- get a job.
Resourceful as always, Imogene works her connections and lands a dream internship at a fashion forecasting agency in New York. Now she's lunching at Serendipity, first on line at the Barney's warehouse sale, and skoshing seats at fashion week.
But when Imogene's dream is threatened by a cute Italian boy and one very evil intern, she questions what she really wants. And she learns that even in fashion, being true to yourself and following your dreams can go hand in hand.

For all you fashionista's out there, this is a book for you. It starts of with readers meeting Imogene, the funny fashion obsessed main character, who has quite a lot of money for someone who is "poor". Typical attitude for a girl surrounded by nose job, over-tanned, skinny, rich girls.

This book was definitely a fluff book, complete with the many "OMG's" and "I can't believe she wore Prada with Gucci!" But it's cute, and though it can be a bit...much, for people who read more intellectual books, the plot was fast moving and fun.

I sincerely enjoyed Imogene's character and did read the second book in the trilogy, which was just as entertaining as the first book. One thing I liked about the book was that the pages weren't the usually paper, the paper was thicker, whiter, and glossier. Plus there were little added designs and pictures at least once a chapter, and although that sounds a bit juvenile it wasn't, actually.

So although this book might not (never) win the Newbery award or what not, it is a fun read so check it out. If you are interested in this book, or have read it, than you might enjoy:

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Btw, I would probably buy this book because it's a cute one.

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