Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hello everyone, here's another NEWSFLASH! (too flashy?) Anyways, I'll make my list again, because truthfully lists are the only way to stay organized!

1.) I made a sudden revelation today, why make separate reviews for a series of books when you could put them all in one big review!? Don't get it, then I'll explain. So today when I reviewed Evernight, I just figured I'd review Stargazer next. But it wasn't until after I posted Evernight that I realized I could have done a double review! I might go back and add that later.

2.) Why we haven't reviewed Twilight? Because... If you don't know what Twilight is, or don't get the general idea of what it is about, then you've obviously been living under a rock for the past year. But, now that Twilight is on the mind, I'll give you my opinion it. I loved it, of course, but I'm getting a little sick of "Twilight this", or, "Twilight that!" I started reading Twilight before it was popular, and when it became popular I was like WHOA, now you get big, after I finish reading you? And the movie, well it will never be as good as the book, and Kristin Stewert will never be my ideal Bella, but it was still cute.

3.) Alright, moving on. I realized something, I realized this awhile ago and thought you might be interested in knowing this particular piece of information. Used books are rather fabulous! There I said it! I was in a small bookstore the other day (as in like 3 weeks ago) and there was a "basement", so I wandered down there to find that the basement was only selling used books, so I looked around for a bit and found a YA wall, and to my surprise there were a bunch of
good-as-new books with new titles for sale, for like a third of the price! I bought a singed Lauren Myracle book (TTYL) for $4! Amazing right, I thought so. So keep that in mind, you can buy used books on Amazon and at Barns and Noble.

4.) Why the duck? Well to be honest, it's an inside joke. Our little duck logo - a "Fashion Duck" by the way - is named Fabio, and don't worry you'll see a lot more of him. Oh, I just thought of something, doesn't Mac (our initials combined) sound like quack? Yeah, awesome! Now the duck thing can actually work...okay maybe not. Well whatever it was worth a shot!

5.) If you are planning on buying a hardcover book, be sure to check it out on amazon first because you will probably be able to get it a lot cheaper there. Most of amazon's books come with free shipping too, so instead of paying, say 17.99 for a hardcover, you could pay 11.99, that's $7 saved right there, definitely something to know in this economy!

6.) I made my first book trailer, It's not very good but I'm learning...Let's see if I can load the Video. If I can't then I'll definitely have it up soon. Is it there? I'll have to check...

Okay, I got the video up! In the meantime, keep posted, comment, and read!


Bookmac, M.

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