Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The A-List series

So i had recently been reading the A-List series. Basically it was like the Gossip Girl series except a little less, how do i say this nicely not to insult either, lets just say pointless.

I have to say that the A-List series had a little more depth than Gossip Girl, but not by that much. At least in A-List there was one character whom was known for being a good student, and that was really important to her. I think that this series could have potential if some of the more um risque characters were taken out and the plot wasn't so complex, but had more meaning.

So anyways i had been reading these books thinking they were so "great" for awhile meanwhile knowing they really weren't. Then an "unnamed" person gave me their opinion on the series which turned out to be true. Just saying if I were you I most likely wouldn't want to waste my time reading these.

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