Sunday, June 21, 2009

Want Free Books?

Free books anyone? Yes please. Being a teen I know that money can be tight, and though the library is a great way to read a free book, "borrowing" will never satisfy the feeling of placing a nice new book on a shelf. So, how does one get their own books for free? Well you can just call me the book fairy because I will make your wish come true!

1.) Henry Holt

Henry Holt is a book publisher, and you can join their YA community where they send you a free YA book every month (they even pay for shipping!) in exchange for your review of the book. All you have to do is fill out a form, send it in, and Viola, free books within a month.

Some of their popular YA title include:

the adoration of Jenna Fox

David inside out

Also known as Harper

The guardian

Give up the ghost

Demon Chick

cracked up to be

house of night series

the immortals series

2.) Free Book Friday (teens)

Free Book Friday teens, is a website that gives away about 5 copies of a new YA novel every week. Most of the copies are signed. All you have to do is give your name and email and you are placed in the raffle to win! Very easy.

3.) YA Book Central

the ya book central is a book website created by Kimberly Pauley, author of "sucks to be me". All you have to do is write 15 reviews for 15 different books and then you can pick one book from the "prize bucket" and it'll be shipped to you. So simple.

4.) Teen Reads is a another book website. They always have contests going on for massive book giveaways, and links to other places that are giving away free books. Not only that but the website is great for checking out new books, author interviews, and more!

5.) Harper Teen

Harper teen is a YA book publisher. On their contest and features page you can find numerous book giveaways and more/

6.) Pulse It

Pulse it is a website hosted by Simon and Schuster publishers where you can join and be a part of their book community, by participating in their community ( blogging, reviewing, rating ,chatting, etc.) you get points. When you reach a certain number of points you can win books and prizes. Also, every month there are 2 + books you can read online (ebooks.)

7.) Your everyday bloggers!

Book bloggers are always giving away ARC's and books, just take a look around, I'm sure you can find a popular book blogger with book giveaways anywhere you look!

Hope this is helpful! If you have any questions, leave a comment, or email me!



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you rock for posting this! it will help a lot of people out!

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