Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh. My. Gods.

Oh. My. Gods.
By Tera Lynn Childs

# of pages: 288
Age Range: 13+
Rating: 4/5

When Phoebe’s mom returns from Greece with a new husband and plans to move to an island in the Aegean Sea, Phoebe’s well-plotted senior year becomes ancient history. Now, instead of enjoying a triumphant track season and planning for college with her best friends, Phoebe is trying to keep her head above water at the überexclusive Academy. If it isn’t hard enough being the new kid in school, Phoebe’s classmates are all descendents of the Greek gods! When you’re running against teammates with superpowers, dealing with a stepsister from Hades, and nursing a crush on a boy who is quite literally a god, the drama takes on mythic proportions!

I was returning/renewing some books in the library when I spotted this eye catching cover in the "New" adult book section, right by the checkout desk. Cocking my head, I thought to myself, "hey, haven't I seen this book?" After reading the back I decided that this definitly was a YA novel, so I picked it up and took it home.

Basically the book is about a girl named Phoebe, who's life is turned around when her mother comes back from a Greek vacation with something other than a tan - a fiance. Whitin two chapters Phoebe is transported from the USA, her BFF's, her Senior year, and then placed in Greece where her stepfather-to-be announces that he, and every student that attendeds his school, are decendents of the Greek Gods. Phoebe doesn't exactly fit in to say the least.

Surprisinly, I actually enjoyed this book. The first couple chapters were a little too fast and a bit unrealistic, but hey, this is fantasy. Phoebe was a very developed character and I, and I'm sure a few others, felt that I could connect to her in multiple levels. I definitly reccomend this book. Oh by the way, there was a cover change (old one below). Wonder why?

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a flight of minds said...

Oh! They're actually the same book... I thought the new cover was actually the sequel to the first. Oh. My. Gods. sounds like a really cute, light book. I'm into modern mythology too. Thanks for the review! :)

- Alex