Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Update

Hey everyone! This is just a "random update" as the title says. I'll just write a list of everything I want to talk about, kay? Here goes.

1.) After returning two books I now have $16.99 to spend on a book/books, so what should I get!? Help me out please!

2.) The free song on itunes last week, Fireflies by Owl City, is now my new fav song! It's a little weird, electro kind of, but I like it.

3.) You can now download City of Bones for a limited time only, here. So check it out! (I say that quite a bit don't I?)

Okay, that's it.

Until next time,



Kristen said...

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev


Propecy of Sisters by Michelle Zink

a flight of minds said...

Well, I'd say anything John Green or Sarah Dessen is always good, if you haven't read them. I've heard Ballads of Surbubia by Stephanie Kuehnert is fantastic and it just came out. :)

- Alex