Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's up Wednesday!?

What's up Wednesday is a spin on "waiting on Wednesday" that you might have seen on other blogs. WUW is just random tidbits of book related info that will be posted every Wednesday! So, for my firsy WUW post, may I introduce the book....

Ashes by Stefanie Ellis

Sidney Fox was your average seventeen-year old girl. She looked like everyone else, dressed like everyone else, harbored hopes and guessed it, just like everyone else. After a long and uneventful winter break, Sidney returned to the stale hallways and cranky teachers to find a new addition: a mysterious new student named Cael, he seemed to immediately fall into the role of the most popular person to ever step foot on campus. At first, Sidney was repulsed by the gaggle of girls that hung on his every word, that is, until he explained that he has no control over the attraction others have for him, it's just one thing out of many that he is just as confused about as she is. Cael knows what he is, but he has no idea how or why. Their search for answers sends them across the world and forces them to go to extreme measures in order to get those answers.

I think it looks interesting...


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Anonymous said...

Did you ever read Ashes?