Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me My Elf and I

Me My Elf and I

by Heather Swain
# of pages: 256
Age rating: 13-16
Rating: 3.5/5

It’s not often you see an elf in the middle of Brooklyn, let alone a tall, blond, gorgeous elf in the middle of one of the most prestigious performing arts high schools in the country. And yet, that’s just where Zephyr Addler finds herself: smack dab in the middle of a bustling New York City school, worlds away from the secluded woodland community she knows so well. But Zephyr knows that she has to figure out how to live in the world. And dress in the world. Thanks to a little friendly advice from her new friend Mercedes, Zephyr starts to get the hang of Brooklyn. That is, until Zephyr snags a role in a commercial, beating out the most popular girl in school, Bella Dartagnan. Now with Bella and her friends out to get her, can Zephyr out-maneuver the mean girls (and catch the eye of a certain cute boy) without losing herself?

The sparkly cover caught my attention when I was scanning the shelves of Barns N Noble for a new YA read. Also the word "elf". How many elf novels have you read besides the Lord of the Rings books, I can tell you I haven't read many. Though I knew from the start that this book would not be a deep read, I was ready for something fluffy and fun and author Heather Swain did not disappoint!

Zephyr was a fun character from the start, it's hard not to like her bubbly and magnetic personality, especially as she braves the challenges her new home of Brooklyn brings her. As Zephyr makes friends at her new school she also makes an enemy, Bella the queen B. The more Zephyr is thrown into the human world the more she starts to act like one until she is brought back to her woodland home where she realizes what it truly means to be an elf.I was expecting a different plot line but, I think the one Swain used worked well for her character.

One thing that I have noticed in multiple new YA reads is that authors are starting to use slang in their writing, like "gonna" and improper grammar. Though I understand that using those words makes the book more "real like" and more relatible to teens, how will people learn the correct way to speak if improper language is written in black ink in a book! I myself use quick txt language in a txt or a quick email to a friend, but I draw the line at writing because I feel less intelligent if i can't even spell "going to" on paper, but that's just me.
I'm guessing there will be a sequel to this novel because there were a few loose ends when the story finished, so keep your eyes out for book number 2! (I just found out there will be a sequel, called Selfish Elf due out in 2010). I will definitely be reading that.

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Kelsey said...

Really want to read this, it's been on my TBR shelf for a while now. Nice review (:

La Coccinelle said...

I totally agree about the grammar thing. Much of what I know about the English language was learned as I read books. It makes me cringe when I see reviews on Amazon where people rave about how well the book was written... and I know for a fact that it's full of shorthand, slang, and sloppy grammar.

April said...

Elves are pretty cool! I'll definately have to add this to my tbr.

I also have to agree with you on) the grammar, if I was a teen (I'm 22) I would find the use of improper grammar to be patronizing.

Heather Swain said...

Hey BookMac,

Thanks so much for the kind words about Me, My Elf, and I! Also, good to know on the slang and grammar front--point taken. Look for the sequel Selfish Elf Wish coming in winter 2010.

Happy reading!

Heather Swain

Wrighty said...

This was a very interesting review and you mentioned such great points. The story sounds good (sometimes I need light and fluffy) and I agree about the grammar. There is a time and a place for slang and improper use. I've added this to my TBR list and I look forward to reading it!