Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wicked: Witch and Curse

Wicked: Witch and Curse
by Nancy Holder

# of pages: 672
Age range: 15+
Rating: 4/5

Holly Cathers's world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident. Wrenched from her home in San Francisco, she is sent to Seattle to live with her relatives, Aunt Marie-Claire and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole.
In her new home, Holly's sorrow and grief soon give way to bewilderment at the strange incidents going on around her. Such as how any wish she whispers to her cat seems to come true. Or the way a friend is injured after a freak attack from a vicious falcon. And there's the undeniable, magnetic attraction to a boy Holly barely knows.
Holly, Amanda, and Nicole are about to be launced into a dark legacy of witches, secrets, and alliances, where ancient magics yield dangerous results. The girls will assume their roles in an intergenerational feud beyond their wildest imaginations...and in doing so, will attempt to fulfill their shared destiny.

I got this book on one of my B and N run's, mainly because the book was hardback, 672 pages, and $8!!! Which was totally worth in in my opinion. Despite the fact that the book was so large, I managed to finish it in three days, and was eager for the next two books in the series, Legacy and Spellbound.

Wicked: Witch (it's two books in one) started of with Holly Cathers out on a white water rafting trip with her parents...and then disaster struck. From that point on I was a little confused, mainly because the book alternated between many different people's point of views, even if only for a short time. And then there was this whole dream thing/ past memories going on, but, it all eventually explained itself and I was a-okay.

Wicked: Witch and Curse both had a lot of intrigue, and each ending left me wanting more. I was surprised though by how "wicked" the book really was, there was so much death and destruction, it made me realize how much of a safe bubble I live in, and how easy it is for that bubble to pop.

So, I will definitely be picking up the sequel, and eventually third book in this series, though right now I'm swimming in books that I need/want to read, so it might be awhile. In the mean time, if you like this book, then you souled check out:

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Revealers: Amanda Marrone
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Vampire Academy: Rachelle Mead
The Vampire Diaries: L.J. Smtih
Evernight: Claudia Gray

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elnice said...

This book is sitting in my closet and I keep moving it down in the pile. I am glad to hear it is a good read and worth the time. Great review, I will let it work its way up to the top again.

Addicted Book Reader said...

Sounds like a good book! I gave you girls an award at my blog here:!

Jessica Secret said...

I got this from the used book store a while ago, glad to know you liked.

book weirdo said...

hmm i tried to read it a while back and couldn't get into it maybe i should give it another try.thanks.

Wendy said...

I want to read this one now! Great review. :)

Annabelle said...

This has been sitting on my shelves for years...I think it's time to get it out. :)