Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spotlight on Saturday

Spotlight on Saturday is going to be a weekly meme on under the radar books. I'm not sure if I stole this idea from someone *sorry*, or used my own brilliant brain cells to create it, but no matter, it's here on my blog so ha!

This week, SOS (sos...great.) will be featuring Feather by Abra Ebner.

Estella's magical life as an orphan was never easy, and at eighteen, she is finally free. In her desperate attempt to leave the city behind and unravel her strange talents, she flees to a secluded college nestled deep in the forests of the North Cascades. It is here that she hopes to escape her painful life, and forgotten past. As classes begin, Elle struggles to find her place, until she meets Professor Edgar. Young, handsome, yet terrifying, Elle is suddenly intrigued. Despite her fear of him, she finds the strange attraction mesmerizing, dangerous, and somehow familiar. As their acquaintance grows, she is suddenly drawn further into a life she never knew she lived, in a place that finally feels like home. As her happiness returns, so do the demons of her forgotten past. It is here that she finds herself faced with the sacrifice of her life, and the beginning of a journey deeply rooted in our existence .

Sounds pretty good right? You can go check it out here on amazon.


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