Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly write

Even though there has already been one this week, here goes nothing:

It seemed as if the paddleboat wasn’t even moving, and their legs were already getting tired. Monica leaned her head back to get the blond hair off her neck, then flipped it up again. She squinted through clear blue eyes, trying to see the cottage. They had left the house around 11:00, soon after they got out of bed, and didn’t get to the candy store until 11:30. Just think, after field hockey season this would be easy, they agreed. Monica sat with her friend gabbing, barely noticing the exhaustion in their legs.
They got lucky, though. They cupped their long fingered hands and yelled over to the parents on the boat. Finally they caught their attention. Laughing out of relief, they sped up the pace and paddled as if there were no tomorrow. Monica gently tossed the rope aboard, then she reached out to tie the knot, yet unsure if it would hold. Both girls then settled back and stretched out their long legs. Inside, both of them, as well as the parents on the motor boat, were curious to see what would happen while towing a paddleboat. The motor boat rumbled to life, yanking the rope between the boats taught. Blond hair blew in the breeze, as Monica stretched out as if she were on a beach, now confident that all would go well. Eyes drifted closed, lazy smiles crossing their faces.
A gurgling sound erupted from the front of the paddle boat. It began to submerge. Four hands flew around the air, splashing, reaching, grasping for a hold on the seat, or anything. It wasn’t scary. It was actually rather comical. The lake itself was fairly shallow, but they just didn’t want to get wet. Yeah, right. Good luck with that. Shrieks protruded from their mouths. The motor boat wasn’t stopping, but still the worst that could happen was for Monica to lose her much loved candy bar from the store in the marina. Have it float across the lake, never to be seen again.
Next thing she knew, Monica was fully in the water. She was not psyched about that fact either. She tread the water with sharp and angular motions for a brief few seconds then swam back to the motor boat. The other girl was already on the boat and half dry. Monica hiked the ladder and emerged from the water, her cutoff jeans and long sleeved t-shirt dripped and clung to her body. That blond hair that had been blowing in the breeze so cheerfully and careless now fell straight and heavy. Monica’s laughter had transformed into a frown and furrowed eyebrows. A penetrating stare seemed to extend from icy blue eyes. The other girl, the girl aboard the boat, the mostly dry girl, suppressed a giggle. Then, all it took was for Monica to take one look at herself, and to burst into laughter. What was the point? There was nothing she could do about it, and it was utterly hysterical. Thus, the worst that happened was the disappearance of the candy bar.

Haha I know it is kind of strange, but it's also an inside joke... sort of.


Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Very fun. Is this based on an experience you had?

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