Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekly writes... ?

Hello everyone,

Here is a new idea, adding writing pieces by us to the page!? Not sure though, does it work? Here is just a test. This was actually for a uhh english essay we had to fit in one page (totally impossible! ), they were character sketches. This one is a little bizarre, but do you like the idea??

It had taken her a couple hours to make the trek on the hike. It was just her on the trail, no one else. Aside from the twigs snapping with each step, it was silent. Leaves fell as if it were already snowing in winter. She pushed a blond streak of hair back towards the loose pony tail. Her fingers brushed the fancy stud earrings from that stressful meeting yesterday. She shivered at the thought. Her lip twitched, missing its usual lip-gloss sheen. Pushing the thought away wasn’t working... Freezing up in front of all those people. She tucked a piece of straightened blond hair behind an ear, and gently tugged down the bottom of her suit. She heard her boss clear her throat... Quickly she blinked those striking green eyes, vanishing that flash of reality. Her taught face relaxed into its normally soft features.

She hesitated a moment before emerging through the trees. This was her retreat from reality. In front of her lay the top of the mountain, a rocky surface. Her, alone in this place. She tossed the scuffed backpack carelessly behind her, and took off running and twirling up the rock.

It took her a double take to fully appreciate the view. It made her freeze in her tracks, her mouth hung open in awe. Mountains jutted out of the earth. Lakes nestled in between. The complete cliché “not a cloud in the sky” must have originated here. Just beyond, the ocean stretched, blending with horizon: endless... endless possibilities. A smile curved a corner of her mouth. It seemed as if it had been a long time, as if you needed to keep up practice with smiling, despite how silly it may sound. The smile broadened. It spread like a forest fire, brightening her entire face. A twinkle met at the corner of her eye.

She wandered toward the center and lowered herself to the ground. As she rolled up her faded jeans, the silence became less deafening since she was the only one who could break it. How was it things as big as mountains wouldn’t make a sound, while the slightest things could still make such a commotion?

She lay down on her back, slowly drifting to sleep. As sleep overcame her, her muscles relaxed, the tension disappearing. She didn’t dream of the real world. There were no worries of waking up late, or getting stuck in traffic. She solely dreamt of mountains and lakes, of lapping waves, of the ocean. The endless, endless ocean.

Please comment, liking the new idea??


Misty said...

I think it's a great idea. Awhile back, I wanted to have a contest of some sort where people had to write something (anything, any length) based off of some prompt, but I didn't think anyone would participate.
But I love seeing people get their creative on.

Staysi said...

i think it's a great idea too. and i really like what you've written.
btw, nice page makeover! :]

ReggieWrites said...

Yup! It's awesome! I agree with Staysi and Misty up above this comment ^up there^ hehe! But it really is quite fantastic what you've written!

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

this is a fun and creative idea. I like it! And what you've written!