Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lips Touch: 3 times

Lips Touch: Three Times
by Laini Taylor

# of pages: 272
Age Range: 14+
Rating: 4/5

Three tales of supernatural love, each pivoting on a kiss that is no mere kiss, but an action with profound consequences for the kissers' souls:Goblin Fruit: In Victorian times, goblin men had only to offer young girls sumptuous fruits to tempt them to sell their souls. But what does it take to tempt today's savvy girls?Spicy Little Curses: A demon and the ambassador to Hell tussle over the soul of a beautiful English girl in India. Matters become complicated when she falls in love and decides to test her curse.Hatchling: Six days before Esme's fourteenth birthday, her left eye turns from brown to blue. She little suspects what the change heralds, but her small safe life begins to unravel at once. What does the beautiful, fanged man want with her, and how is her fate connected to a mysterious race of demons?

I was fortunate enough to get the $2 ARC version of this book on my visit to NYC at The Strand. I so wish there were other "strands" in the Boston area? No? Sigh. Anywho, this story has be-yoouuu-tiful illustrations for each of the three stories, which - correct me if I am wrong - were drawn by the author's husband? All in all, a very lovely book.

So story number 1 is about Kizzy, an unpolished gem who longs to be like other girls who have perfect bodies, hair, and boyfriends. Of course, this longing, a desire so strong that her soul is reaching out of her body to grab at it, attracts the attention of soul-snatching goblins who Kizzy's grandmother warned her about. When a new boy, a very attractive new boy, comes to school and takes a sudden intrest in Kizzy she is suddenly put in danger, and the only person who can save her is herself. This story was the shortest of the three, it could not have been more than 20 pages. Though I enjoyed it, I felt like the ending was abrupt and needed more of a closure.

Story #2 is about an old woman who takes on the job of her deceased husband by bargaining with a Hell demon to save the lives of innocent people in place of taking the lives of wronged men and women. On one of her bargaining trips she is offered a massive deal, one she cannot resist, but with this deal she must place a curse on a new born baby, Anamique (ahna-meek) making any sound that escapes her lips kill who ever hears it. Anamique grows to a woman and meets solider James who finds her diary and the two fall in love. But what happens when she is forced to speak? This story was a bit longer than the first and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing was exceptional and I really felt like I got to know the characters in the short time I met them.

The third and final story is about Esme, Mab, and the Druj a powerful race of immortals. This story was the longest and there were multiple characters with pasts and feelings that got explored, making this my favorite story. I can't say much without giving the story away, but basically Esme wakes up one morning with one of her brown eyes replaced by an ice blue one and memories of her Mother's secret past start to resurface, causing the pair to run away but only to get stopped. This story was truly beautiful, dark, and compelling, and it finished with me being satisfied.

Laini Taylor is a very powerful story teller, her book is a fabulous Fantasy novel with the perfect amount of magic, suspense, and romance. I can not wait to read another one of her novels and her future work. I would definitely recommend this book, it is great in length and the illustrations are wonderful. If you liked this be sure to check out:

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celi.a said...

This one is languishing somewhere downstairs, next to or under my bed. BUT! I feel like it may make an important appearance on my 'read THIS ONE next!' list. Great review - I'm definitely looking forward to what promises to be an enchanting trio of stories. Yay!

ParaJunkee said...

This sounds good...thanks for the introduction.