Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow, is it me or did that year go by really quick? I guess it always feels that way! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year with lots of happiness!

For my new years resolutions I want to...

1.) Read at least 100 books
2.) No longer drink soda
3.) Get a six pack (ok that's going to take some major work.)
4.) Write a novel
5.) Be able to do a split (don't ask.)
6.) Travel to Europe
7.) Find my true love (a girl can dream!)
8.) Get straight A's (almost there!)
9.) Grow my hair six more inches
10.) Grow! ( now that would be a miracle. 5' 2'' is much too short)

So how about you?

Oh by the way, today's the last day for my contest which ends tonight at midnight!

Happy New Year. Be safe. Have fun.



A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

You can totally learn how to do the splits! Yoga is the key. If I can do it, you can do it. Happy new year!

Blaize said...

Great resolutions, BookMac! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love your goals for 2010. Happy New Year!! :)