Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey all,

You may have noticed that I occasionally do contest lists a few times a month for contests going on around the blogoshere. If you haven't noticed, I do, and it takes a lot of time to put together which is why I don't make them very often.

However, I've decided to be more gun-ho (gung-ho?) about blogging, which means more reading, more posts, and more memes. So I added a contest page which you can find at the top of my blog. I will try and update it as often as I can. I added a couple on there for today, but bear with me, it takes a lot of time.

So be sure to check it out!

Also only 5 days left to my Dark Divine arc and nail polish contest ends! Can you believe it!?

So if you haven't entered that, check it out! You can find the link at the top of the screen!


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