Sunday, April 18, 2010

Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens guest post

Guest Post: Rachelle Knight

Author of Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens!
The theme of the Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens Traveling to Teens Tour is "Great Summer Reading". For each of my guest posts on the tour, the blog host and I will both recommend a book we feel would be worthy of some sunny weather, summer reading.

My first "Great Summer Reads" recommendation is Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. Now girls, before you make even a single, itty-bitsy, tiny groan, let me say that I read Hatchet in two sittings and thought of it continually in between. It was awesome! I have mentioned it to everyone I have met since and was so happy to find that my sister (who is a teacher) has read this to her classes thirteen times over her years of teaching.

I don't want to give too much away about this fun little treasure, but I will give just enough of a ‘teaser’ to entice you into reading it. Brian, a thirteen child of a recent divorce, is flying over the Canadian wilderness in a bush plane. There are no other passengers - only Brian and the pilot. Skipping ahead, Brian is alone in the seemingly endless wilderness with nothing – nothing but his thoughts and a hatchet his mom gave to him before he got on the plane. What ensues is one of the best survival stories ever written - for kids, teens or adults.

As an added bonus, Brian’s story continues in four more books. The series will help you survive the summer vacation doldrums by surviving in the Canadian wilderness with Brian. The four other books in the series are: The River, Brian's Winter, Brian's Return and Brian's Hunt.

Okay girls (and guys), after you have read these, you can come back and thank me for nudging you towards one most exciting series in young adult literature... and for making your summer vacation an adventure to remember!

Hatchet is mentioned on the following lists in the Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens reading journal:

Action and adventure, page 55
Iowa Teen Book Award, page 154
Minnesota Book Award, page 160
Maud Hart Lovelace Award, page 161
Sequoyah Award - Oklahoma, page 172
Virginia Reader's Choice Award, page 182
Soaring Eagle Book Award - Wyoming, page186

Happy reading!

Bookmac Guest Post:

Summer has always been the greatest reading months for me. Sunshine, warmth, endless amounts of free time; it's perfect! As much as I love diving into a great deep novel or new paranormal romance, one of my favorite summer genre's has to be the fluffy teen romance novels.

One of my favorites is, So Inn Love by Catherine Clark. So Inn Love is one of many of Catherine's teen romance novels, but all of them have a fun plot with a great love story. This novel centers around Liza who thinks she is getting a perfect summer job at the Tides Inn, only to arrive finding things to go quite unplanned. Things start to look better when she meets Hayden but is there hope for a future romance or will that, like everything else, go down the drain?

This book is a great summer read for it's a fast paced, light, cute, and happy-ending novel. The paper back cover is perfect for the beach and after one of these novels you may find yourself reading more.

So Inn Love is mentioned on the following page of Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens:

Romance, page 89.


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Heather said...

Hachette is one of my most favourite books ever. Ididn't read it till I was an adult, but that didn't diminish my enjoyment.