Sunday, May 30, 2010

BEA Day 2

BEA Day 2 Diaries: Thursday, May 27th
6:30 am:

Me: Wide awake.
Mom: Asleep

7:00 am:

Me: Giddy. Wide awake.
Mom: Dead Asleep


Me: Giddy. Anxious. Wide awake.
Mom: Out cold

8:00 am:

Me: Bouncing off the walls. Getting dressed. Wide awake.
Mom: Trying to go back to sleep. Good luck.

At about nine in the morning we got to the Javits center and registered for our badges and then tried to get up to exhibit hall but mom's mini wheeled suitcase was not allowed so we had to go put it in this baggage holding place (the name escapes me) and they charged us! Sheesh! Immediately after though, I was romping up the stairs, wide eyed, completely overwhelmed. There were so many people, so many booths, and so much energy.

After quickly checking out the new title showcase I saw a woman with Clockwork Angel by Casandra Clare *gasp*. I wasted no time running into the Javits exhibit hall, determined to find it. Instead, I found Harper giving away the Exiled Queen *double gasp*. I really, really, really, wanted that book. They were gone by the time I got there. I was so sad. But then I found Clockwork Angel, hooray!

The day continued in a mad blur of me zooming around the booths, getting certain arc's, swag, and signed copies. I had spent weeks making a strict schedule and I was determined to follow it, in the end it saved me big time. The schedule was one of my advantage's, the other was my mom. When we would wait in a line to get a signed copy of a book, I would jet off to go check out the publishing booths I was familiar with for a chance to snag any arc's or books.

Most of the time I got lucky. That's the thing with the Javits, 70% of the time, getting an arc is luck. Right time, right place, etc. So while some people waited in long autographing lines and missed out on certain books, I was able to snag them and get the signed copy. For that I am extremely grateful.

Around BEA next year I'm going to be doing an advice post because I learned a lot in that one day I had at BEA. Mainly though I learned that you will get bruised shoulder bones by carrying around over 100 lbs of books. You will. Trust me.

So what did I walk away with. 68 books from BEA alone. Then about 78 after BBC (there were goody, bags!)

I think I'm going to do a vlog for my IMM but I'm not sure if I'll do it today or next week.


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