Monday, May 3, 2010

Bonnie Hearn Hill: Taurus Eyes Tour Interview + Contest

Meet Bonnie Hearn Hill, author of the Star Crossed series and most recent installment, Taurus Eyes!

Being in the writing industry for 22 years, working as a newspaper editor, Bonnie's work is definitely something to check out!

Get to know this talented author a little better with the interview below!

1.) Where did you get your inspiration for your Star Crossed series?

My best friend, Hazel Dixon-Cooper ( is a humorous astrology writer. You can't be around her long and not be interested in all things astrological. I started thinking about Logan, my protagonist, and wondered what it would be like to find an old astrology book as a teen and try to use it to change my life.

hmm, perhaps I should get an astrology book.

2.) What was the hardest part of the writing process?

I probably spend most of my time creating the characters, trying to hear their voices, asking them what the holes are in their lives. Once I really get to know them, they help me write the story.

Character's make the book!

3.) If you could be any of your characters for a day, which one would you be?

That's kind of scary. A whole day? Probably Logan, my protagonist, because even though her life is not perfect, she is doing her best to be proactive and improve her situation.

Admirable traits!

4.) Which of your characters was the hardest to write?

The ghost in TAURUS EYES. I wasn't sure which character was going to be the ghost, and when I read over the first part of the book, it just hit me. There was only one person it could be. I love it when that happens.

Total writer's moment!

5.) What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

Too many to count. I did marry one of my writing workshop members (writer/artist Larry Hill), but that might be the sanest thing I've ever done.

Love is an unexpected journey.

6.) If you were given $1,000 what is the first thing you would buy?

Right this minute, if I had $1,000 extra dollars, I would donate it to Cat House on the Kings, a no-kill, no-cage sanctuary that has one of the highest adoption rates anywhere.

Charitable too, don't you love her?

7.) Whom of your characters can you most relate to?

Probably the villains. It's more difficult to understand what makes people bad, so I really need to get inside their heads and understand what makes them that way. I've always heard that the good have flaws, and the bad have reasons. I have to be able to relate to a villain before I can write him/her.

Now that's a different angle, I like it!

8.) Do you check your own horoscope regularly?

No, because those scopes are based on Sun signs only. Because my best friend is Hazel Dixon-Cooper, I have an inside track. And if the garage door breaks, or I lose my cell phone, I'm pretty sure Mercury is in Retrograde.

Got to love your friends!

9.) Do you believe in fate?

I believe in free will. As my books say, the Sun sign is not the sum. Astrology teaches us aspects and possibilities. It can encourage and warn us. Ultimately, though, we make the decisions to act. Or not.

Very true.

10.) When did you decided to become a writer?

I always knew, even before I could speak. Good that it happened, because I'm not very good at anything else except cooking.

Cooking, yum!

11.) What is the greatest part of being a writer?

The process. Putting words on a page and creating real people and real worlds. I can't imagine doing or being anything else.

Now that is a true writer people!

Thank you so much, Bonnie! It was great having you on Bookmac!

Want to win Taurus Eyes, the sequel in the fabulous Star Crossed series? (Um, yes you do in case you haven't decided), then click on the form below for a chance to win!

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Good luck!



Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Great interview! Cat House on the Kings sound like a great cause with a unique name, and I agree very much with Bonnie's conception of free will. Thanks for the contest! :)

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Oh, and I'm not sure if I missed this, but is there an end date to the contest...?

Anonymous said...

Jenn. Not sure when the cutoff is. Become a friend of Star Crossed on Facebook, and you'll be entered for the iPod Touch.

My cat Bitsy (which she isn't) is from Cat House on the Kings. It is an amazing place, and it has a Web site. Check it out.

Meg, thanks so much for hosting me.

Okapi said...

I love the villains. They're usually my favorite characters! What inspires you to create the villains in your books?

elizabeth said...

Great interview! Loved reading it.
Thanks for the contest :)

throuthehaze said...

Great interview! I believe in free will too :)

angie said...

Great interview! I love that she would donate the money to Cat House on the Kings!
bangersis at msn dot com

BHH said...

Thanks, everyone. Great comments. Meg, have fun picking the winner. :)

As for villains, Okapi, I don't believe many of us get up in the morning, look into our mirrors and say, "I'm an evil person."

So, what causes someone to want to harm another? That's what we need to ask in order to understand what makes a villain tick.

Giada M said...

Great interview and contest! *O* I can't wait to read the Star Crossed series! If this contest is international, please enter me.
Thank you! :)

Giada M.