Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA 5/26/10

Day 1 BEA Diaries: Wednesday, May 26th:

Unfortunately I missed the first exhibit day at BEA (it rhymes!) because of a little thing called school. Three days was pushing it, My Mom told me. (I was already missing two). Who was I to complain? So right after school got out, my Dad drove my Mother and me to the train station where we waited for forty minutes just to board.

I’d never been on a train before, so I was pretty excited to go on one. My Mom hates driving in the city so we all agreed it would be the best idea to take the train. Wrong. Not twenty minutes into the train ride did the air conditioning break. There were engine problems. Then there were passing train problems. And to top it off, because of the electricity problems (did I mention that one?) NO FREE WIFI! And I forgot my book.

Now it was only supposed to be a four hour train ride. I could manage. I had some magazines, my phone (with internet albeit slow and hard to use for the purposes I wanted.) and iPod. I could manage. I mean the on-an-off-again AC wasn’t so bad; it was what only 85 degrees out. Not that bad. What a lie! It was awful. We were delayed over two HOURS! My four hour train ride became 7 long treacherous hours without internet and a book.

I could have flown to California in that time. We could have driven. We could of…at that point I was done caring. I thought all my woos were behind me when we finally got into Penn Station. Oh no. So we got into a cab and told the driver our hotel, he didn’t know it. It was right in Times Square! Aren’t all Cabbie’s supposed to know where the hotels are? So maybe we were being hard on him, ok, we were tired and sick of fake smiling (which we did to the cab driver). So we found the address, called the hotel to get the exact crossroad and street address. Did the Cabbie bring us there? Nope. He brought us a block away, and was confused. We just hopped out, paid the guy (he charged us the whole time!) and booked it a block to our hotel.

We were in the room by 11. I took a shower, tried to get on the internet, which you have to pay for. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And then went to bed at 12 am. And had to get up at 7. Yay! (That’s still and extra 2 hours of sleep I normally get on a school week.)

What a fun day. Although I am so grateful that I even had the opportunity to go to NYC (my favorite city in the world!) I have to laugh thinking of the “adventure” we had getting here.

Lesson Learned: BEA, you may be the death of my mental sanity. Oh, and always have an address handy when in a cab. And don’t forget your book!


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