Monday, May 17, 2010

Gimme a B, O, O, K, S!

I'm a huge bargain hunter. If I can pride myself in anything it is getting a good deal. This of course has led to some extensive searches on the computer for my deal finding, because lets face it, why pay more than you need to? Or anything at all for that matter?

So today let me introduce you to some new and exciting book sites that just might make your day.

1.) NetGalley

"NetGalley is an inexpensive and green way for publishers to share their digital galleys securely. Professional readers—reviewers, media, bloggers, journalists, librarians, booksellers and educators—can all use NetGalley for FREE to read and request galleys they want to review. Welcome, and happy reading!"

  • Great way to read upcoming titles for free and instantly
  • Perfect for the kindle, nook, Ipad, and other electronic readers.
  • Hot new titles (just finished The Iron Daughter - fab!)
  • FREE - just sign up!
    • 2.) SwapTree

      "On Swaptree you can:
      Trade the books you have for the books you want, for FREE
      Swap your books for video games, CDs and DVDs
      Instantly see all the books you can receive in trade
      Print perfect postage right from your computer
      Discover new books and authors
      Recycle, reuse and reduce your carbon footprint

      • It's basically Paperback swap but a new site
      • You can also swap music, games, and videos
      • Lots and lots of titles
      • Only pay for shipping

      3.) Deal Oz

      "We search over 200 online bookstores to find millions of books and prices. We find the best deals on any new & used books and textbooks.Save money by comparing prices before you buy."

      • Type in the name of the book you want, Deal Oz searches all over the net
      • Finds the lowest price for the book you want
      • Gives direct links to the site that sells the book
      • Easy to use
      • Huge money saver



      Misty said...

      Love NetGalley. Haven't heard of the other two, but I'm going to check them out right now.
      And I don't know if you use Better World Books or Book Depository, but if not, I just gave you some new best friends...

      Elise said...

      Ooh what fabulous sites!! I must go and check them out :)

      Morgan said...

      I also love netgalley but haven't heard of the other two. I'm defaintly going to have to check them out!

      ladystorm said...

      Yeah I love netgalley but the other two I have not heard of, and will have to check them out.

      Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

      I'll try out Deal Oz, the site looks great. Thanks for sharing!

      - Just what I needed.

      Bunny B said...

      Cool links! Am gonna check them out!