Saturday, June 26, 2010

WINNERS + Winning entery Top 10 List!

It's time again to announce our lucky winners for the fantastic Swoon contest, generously donated by the lovely Nina Malkin.

Contest #1:

I am happy to announce - no seriously, I am happy. I swear if I had to add in another entry I think I may have gone berserk - the winner of Swoon contest #1:

After mentally calculating 785 entries (no I'm not joking), I finally got our winner through random org!

And our lucky winner is....entry #746, Ashley!

Contest #2

The winner of contest #2, a contest where you had to come up with your own top ten ways to swoon this summer list, was picked by Nina herself.

And that lucky winner is entry #9, Raquel Vega-Grieder!

Her winning entry is below:

"1) Attend A Book Signing. You Know When You Finally Get To Meet An Author Who's Characters Have Touched You In Some Way.

2) A Stroll Along The Beach At Sunset. You Know Walking Hand And Hand With The One You Love That Is An Amazing Feeling.

3) Taking A Long Bubble Bath With A Good Book. Every Mother Knows How Hard Is Is To Get ""Me"" Time So A Bubble Bath Gives You That With The Added Enjoyment Of A Book.

4) Kissing In The Rain. Everyone At One Time Or Another Has Played IN The Rain Well Kissing Makes It More Fun.

5) Watching The Movie Twilight While Drooling Over Robert Pattinson A.K.A. Edward Cullen. Do I Even Need To Explain That One....;^)

6) My Kids. Watching Them Enjoy All That Summer Has To Offer Is Pretty Great.

7) Going On A Book Shopping Spree. Some Women Love To Buy Shoes, Me I LOVE To Buy Books.

8) A Girl's Only Road Trip. That Is One Of The Best Ways To Pass Your Time With Really Good Friends Reminiscing.

9) Spending The Day At The Beach. You Got The Sun, The Sand, And Possible Some Really Nice Eye Candy.

10) Being With The One You Love. There Is Nothing More Swoon Worthy Than Spending Time With The Person You Love."

And now a note from Nina herself....

Thanks so much to everyone who entered Meg’s 10 Ways to SWOON Contest. I loved reading all the entries and am tempted to combine them into the Ultimate Ways to SWOON List. Some lists I really related to—like the girl who said she was going to buy that pair of high heels she’d been swooning over for weeks. Others I couldn’t relate to at all—like the mom who said her kids make her swoon—but still found charming. And of course I was deeply tickled by anyone who included communing with another species as swoon-inducing. Clearly, I had a tough time picking a winner—but ultimately I chose the list by Raquel because although none of the items on her SWOON list were the same as mine, they all sound incredible to me and I can’t wait to try them! SWOON on!
Thanks Nina!
For those of you who didn't win, have no fear! There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to win other great prizes. But if you are really bumming because you totally wanted a copy, have no fear, pick a copy of Swoon up at amazon! In the mean time, if you did win, I will email you shortly for your addresses. Congrats!

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