Monday, September 20, 2010

The Aristobrats

The AristobratsThe Aristobrats
by Jennifer Solow

# of Pages:
Ange Range: 11+
Rating: 4/5

Parker Bell knows the secret to beauty is pretty simple–wearing the right clothes isn't as important as how you feel in them. Popularity is like that too. It's all about attitude. You have to picture who you want to be and then just imagine that's who you already are.
This year Parker and her three best friends have made their way to the top of the populadder at Wallingford Academy. And they're ready to use their Aristobrat status to help spread positive vibes throughout the school. But when the girls are assigned to produce the seriously lame school webcast, their popularity plummets! Will this tragedy destroy the girls' status? Or their friendship? Or both?

The Aristobrats centers around a group of four friends, Parker, Kiki, Ikea, and Plum. The main character was Parker however and she is starting her eighth grade year with high hopes despite her family's financial situation. What is supposed to be the best year of the girls' lives quickly turns out like it might be their worst. But the four friends persevere and learn more about themselves and each other than they ever imagined.

I really liked the themes that were presented in this novel. They were evident but not blindingly so, enough that a middle grade reader could pick up on them. Despite Parker and her friends' popularity, the girls are no Pretty Committee, they actually are nice and bear some resemblance physically and emotionally to humans rather than rich barbie dolls. I loved reading about their friendship and watching it grow even when it seemed like it was at ends.

I will admit that the excessive use of modern day slang and text lingo was a bit much at times, even though I am a teen and live off of my phone like everyone else. Some of the names and acronyms were still beyond my level of comprehension. I also wish that when the  POV switched to another character it could have been for a longer period of time.

Overall, though, this was a really cute novel with good morals and a fun plot. I definitely recommend this book to middle grade readers and fans of The Clique. If this is a series (I have a feeling it will be...) I'm sure it will be a good one!

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I hardly ever read or review middle grade novels, but I decided to do both for Aristobrats. Starting a private school myself for the first time this year, I wanted to read about the girl's experience's at Wallingford Academy and compare it to my own. I came into this thinking that the book would be a lot like the popular Clique books but I found myself surprised at the difference's between the two prep school novels.


brizmus said...

this sounds like an adorable book, though I'm not sure I could deal with an overuse of text slang.
Still, the premise sounds adorable!

mary kate said...

I thought this was like The Clique so I stayed away from it but i think I'll read it now. Great Review!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to read this one...I hear it's a sweet read with great morals. I definitely think I'll enjoy it! Great review :)