Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

So my friends pulled me into to going out trick or treating this year. I figured, hey what the heck, you're only one once. So dressed up as cowgirls - it looked better than it sounds - and we hit the streets to score some serious sweets. After three houses we realized that this was actually pretty lame. We were the oldest people walking around, and it was kind of awkward going to each door asking for candy.

Then came house number four. We knock and this lady opens the door and gives us a blank stare. Hesitantly we say, "trick or treat?" The lady gives us a weird look and says "Candy or canned goods?" With embarrassment we admit candy and she raises her eyebrows and gives us that all too familiar look of disappointment before reaching to grab her candy bowl saying, "aren't you all a little big for trick or treating?" We don't say anything, take our candy and run.

In the street we practically die of embarrassment and argue about whether to keep going or not. Ultimately we choose to book it back to my friends house, throw on some sweats and walk down to CVS to buy some candy. Yes it was that sad. When we returned to her house we poured our paid for candy into bowls, popped some popcorn and sat down on my friend's bed to watch some scary movies.

I learned some valuable lessons tonight.

1.) Nothing in life is free
2.) Save trick or treating for kids
3.) Go to costume parties instead
4.) And always, always, always resort to sweats, junk food, and a movie when feeling bad about yourself! - okay actually never do that, but still..



LM Preston said...

Well it all depends on where you live. I grew up in the city (DC) to be exact. We also would go to Georgetown on Halloween where all the older kids, grownups and wannabees hung out to show off their costumes. They still do it today.

Melissa said...

Oh sad :(

In Salt Lake, there was a curfew for kids, and the night was ruled by those who were older. Maybe next year it will be more fun!