Friday, October 15, 2010


by Andrea Cremer

# of Pages: 528
Age Range: 14+
From: BEA
Pub Date: Oct 19th

Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she'll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters' laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything--including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?

I know you should never judge a book based on its cover, but I look at this one, it says so much about the book. The moment I saw it I knew that this book was going to be must read. I was fortunate enough to snag two signed copies at BEA and I read one of them over the summer. Although Nightshade is much better suited for October this fun and sexy read was perfect for those warm August nights under the moon.

Nightshade starts off with Calla saving the life of a very handsome, and very human boy in the woods. There is something off about Shay though, he seems to be a part of Calla's world except f the fact that he knows nothing about her pack or magic. As Calla learns more about him, their connection grows and soon her future goes from being crystal clear to foggy and confusing. Her world as she knows it  is changing and Calla isn't sure if she is prepared for whats coming next.

Nightshade captivated me from the very beginning. I loved how Shay challenged Calla, and the mystery behind Shay's existence. I will admit, the first 150 pages were confusing for me because I really didn't understand how the packs/nightshade world worked. All of the back history wasn't explained until much later so it made the beginning a little tough to get through. Once I knew what I needed to though, I was sucked in and found it hard to put the book down.

With strong characters. a page-turning plot, and an intense romance, Nightshade was a must read. I recommend this book to people who like or will like the following books:

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brandileigh2003 said...

Thanks for the review- I really enjoyed this one too, especially once the terms were explained and I got a little more info into their world.

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

AtenRa said...

I am on a tour for this one and I can't wait to read it!
Thanks for the review :)