Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Story - feel fee to do your own

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve! And for those of you who celebrate Christmas this is a big day of preparation, traveling, last minute wrapping, the works! All in all, it's still a pretty great day and I wanted to share a little bit about my Christmas experience with you all, and maybe you'll want to share your own.

Every Christmas Eve my family drives over to my grandparents house for a traditional Christmas dinner, this includes the big meal, lots of family, and presents! It's a great way to get the old fashioned Christmas feeling without having to actually do it on Christmas day. When we open presents it starts off slow but then after a minute or two everyone is just grabbing presents at random and opening them, it's chaotic but fun.

When we get home it's a different story. Gone is the real tree, instead we have a 13 ft fake one.

Years ago we had a real one but it fell on my Dad one day when he was watching TV so ever since we have had this fake one. I actually prefer the fake one because there is no mess and you can bend the branches to hold any ornament you would like.

Sadly we have no fun lights because my Mom has a specific theme of red and gold. 

Then we have our fireplace, which is also fake. My family likes to keep things simple, so we have a "light switch" for our fireplace and when you turn it on it comes to life, so to speak. It's real fire, but it's from gas, the wood inside is fake.

When I was younger my parents explained to me how Santa had "magic powers" so he could get through the glass that protected the fire. Those were the days. 

The stone wall goes up all the way to the ceiling, and we also have a giant wreath but that was cut off. Oh yeah, the wreath and poinsettias are fake too. Big surprise.

So on Christmas day we all come downstairs and sit by the fireplace opening presents and after we have a big breakfasts of donuts, the only time we are allowed to eat them during the year, and usually some egg casserole thing my mom makes.

As for the rest of the day, we chill in our PJ's and order Chinese food for dinner. My mom comes from a more traditional family so the whole "Chinese food for Christmas" thing kind of kills her so this year she is making us eat in the dining room. My uncle is coming over too so she wants him to think that we have a "semi-respectable" Christmas meal. He's my dad's brother which means he really doesn't care one way or the other. Anyways this is how she decorated:

If you can see, it's "Asian" themed. My dad brought home all of these Asian dinner sets from China one year so my Mom likes to use it whenever she can.

Check out this wine bottle cover:

Finally, our advent calendar. Both my mom and I hate chocolate - I know, crazy! - so we never had one of those pop-open calendar's with the chocolate inside. Instead we have this little thing that we hang from our pantry door.

For the first week we took off an ornament every day before realizing you are supposed to put them on the tree, it was very sad.

So as you can see, only one more day to go until we can put the star on!

This year I'm asking "Santa" for Books, pearl earrings (I lost mine :( ) Brown lace up boots, makeup, and a Tiffany key necklace although I seriously doubt that will happen, but, you never know!


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