Friday, December 10, 2010


by Michelle Jaffe

Pages: 304
Age Range: 14+
Rating: 5/5
From: BEA

Instead of celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore, Jane is in the hospital surrounded by teddy bears, trying to piece together what happened last night. One minute she was at a party, wearing fairy wings and cuddling with her boyfriend. The next, she was lying near-dead in a rosebush after a hit-and-run.
Everyone believes it was an accident, despite the phone threats Jane swears were real. But the truth is a thorny thing. As Janeƕs boyfriend, friends, and admirers come to visit, more memories surface not just from the party, but from deeper in her past . . . including the night her best friend Bonnie died.

I was lucky enough to snag the last copy of this at BEA but tucked it in my bookshelf without much thought when I got home. Yet somehow this book caught my eye last night and I decided to pick it up. It sounded like an great read and I wanted something a little bit different from my usual go to books. I was not disappointed, not in the slightest.

From the very first page I knew the writing was going to be good in this book, it was very descriptive yet to the point, and I liked the authors perspective. As for the story, readers first meet Jane as a some-what quiet girl who is forever thankful of her place among the two most popular girls at school and her super hot senior boyfriend. But Jane is all to aware of how easy it is for the perfect things in her life to come crumbling down, and when she wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the night before she knows that is exactly what has happened. For the duration of the story Jane slowly figures out who her attacker is through series of flashbacks and revelations that not only lead her to the truth but also lead her to the recovery from the secrets of her past.

I couldn't seem to put this book down, I just had to know how it ended and I almost contemplated skipping to the end to find out, but I somehow managed to restrain myself. So instead I stayed up until two on a school night, reading, until I reached the very last page and closed the book with a satisfied smile. I've got to say I was surprised, Michelle Jaffe did an excellent job at throwing curve ball after curve ball so that you were always on your toes, guessing. Not only that but I loved the character and relationship developments that transpired through the story. The plot itself was also fantastic, it was extremely well thought out and complex, which I love and admire because I can only imagine how much effort must be put into creating something so dynamic. 

So 5 stars for Rosebush, I am a huge fan! I will definitely have to check out more of Jaffe's work in the future. In the meantime, if you liked this book then be sure to check out:

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Danna said...

Sounds like a really good book and you got it at BEA? Lucky! I can't even go to next years because a flight to New York is so expensive:P I'm gonna have to check this one out!

Demitria said...

Wow, sounds good.

mary kate said...

This looks really good. I only read one book where the character had amensia so this will be interesting. Great Review!