This blog was started for my love of books. It was my outlet to express my opinions, thoughts, and feeling towards books to people who would appreciate it as much as I do.

Blogging is still a new experience for me, I only started in April 2009. However, I enjoy every minute of it and have met some amazing people. This is a great experience for me, and I plan on continuing it for a very long time.

I like to try new things so you might see a random post here or there or a change in my template every couple months or so. As a teenager, school gets in the way a lot of the time, which limits my blogging time. I do try to consistantly post though, but forgive me if lapses go by with nothing on the blog.

My goal is to one day be an author, (I have a few works in progress but nothing suffient as of now), live in NYC, travel the world, and have my own private library (Which at the moment is my room).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Bookmac13@gmail.com