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Dec 6th

Dec 7th

Dec 8th

Dec 9th

Dec 10th

Dec 11th

Dec 12th

Dec 13th

Dec 14th

Dec 15th

Entice @ Eating YA Books

Dec 16th

Demonglass arc @ Eating YA Books
The Lost Saint + nailpolish @ I Just Want to Sit Here and Read

Dec 17th

Personal Demons @ Eating YA Books
Flecks of Gold @ I am a reader not a writer
Dec 18th

The Chaos @ Eating YA Books

Dec 19th

Dec 20th

Dirty Little Secrets @ Read Write Repeat

Dec 21st

Hex Hall uk edition @ Handle Like Hendrix

Dec 22nd

Dec 23rd

Dec 24th

Delerium @  The Lady Critics Library 

Dec 25th

Dec 26th

Dec 27th

Dec 28th

Dec 29th

Dec 30th

Signed XVI @ Badass Bookie

Dec 31st

100 follower giveaway @ Pages of Forbidden Love
January 1st

January 2nd

January 3rd

January 4th

January 5th

January 6th

January 7th

January 8th

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