I would be happy to accept review books from authors & publishers. Advance reader copies and already published books are welcome. E-books are also welcome if they can be read on the kindle, although I do prefer a solid copy.

I do review young-adult books, so middle grade novels and adult novels are not in my radar at the moment. Genre wise however I am pretty diverse. Paranormal romance, fantasy, and historical fiction are among my favorites but I do love a good chick-lit, or deep novel too!

As far as reviews go, mine will be honest. I do promise however that if I do not enjoy the book I will still give it a review that leaves my readers open to decide their own opinions about the book for themselves. (That means I will find some positive light.)

If you are seeking to promote your book through a simple short post, or would like to have an author interview/guest post, I would be honored to help! As well as hosting a contest for your book or an informational post.

If you have any questions or would like me to review your book or help you publicity wise, feel free to drop me an email at